Visual Activist

In visual art I find my greatest pleasure...

Artist Statement

Where ' the evil that men do lives after them and the good is often buried with their bones' I will extend to you one gift. Treasure it, for I have but this one to leave and I leave it with my whole heart only for the duration you would keep it.

         The narrative of African lives are apart of mainstream culture globally. This narrative often is riddled with bias or misleading disinformation. That disinformation has become a foundation for control and the subtext of global belief. The world has become intrusively possessed with the destructive narratives that vilify the culture love sexuality and spirituality of Africans through-out the world.

         This work in the examination those traditions. It is the subversive chronicles of the known and unknown beliefs uniquely african. It is the inornate idea of truth told through fantasy, contradiction, satire, and symbolism. I use my work to reimagine and recreate stories of african heroism oppression and point at the fallacy and delusions.

Roots are the foundation. The introduction of a series and Justice.

Further your insight about who Justice 4 Tyranny is

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